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Cudamani Arts, Culture and Environment Tour

July 5, 2017 – July 12, 2017 all-day
Sanggar Cudamani and Artini 3
$1400 Double Occupancy; $1650 Private Room
Judy Mitoma
310 871 2648

Under the direction of Emiko Susilo and assisted by Dewa Putu Berata and Judy Mitoma, this will be our first educational tour for those wishing to visit Bali but do not have the luxury of time and for those wanting an orientation to Bali before attending the Cudamani Summer Institute.

This one-week program will introduce Bali from the Cudamani insider perspective. A carefully designed  itinerary will help you understand and appreciate the creative, social and spiritual world of the Balinese. Central to this appreciation, we recognize that Bali faces increasing environmental and cultural challenges, indeed these threaten the Balinese way of life.   This program is open to all ages and abilities[1].  In keeping with the Balinese way, we wish to be flexible to individual needs and physical ability.

[1] Regrettably, Balinese temples and household entrances are not wheel chair accessible.

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