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Week Four: Charleston, Illinois

The fourth week of World Fest brought Çudamani to Charleston, Illinois. The group was pleased to see the first signs of spring with the sunny weather, tall grasses, and tree buds. Throughout the week, we traveled through surrounding towns in Coles and Clark Counties and even north to Champaign/Urbana. Thanks to Dan Crews and the Doudna Fine Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University for a wonderful week full of warm hospitality and delicious local food!

IMG_0047Our first workshop was for a K-12 assembly at the Oakland High School in neighboring Oakland, IL. Emiko shares the “Topeng Boes” mask with the students.

IMG_0051A young girl raises her hand during the Q&A. Students appreciated the opportunity to ask Çudamani questions. The most-asked question of the group? “Why aren’t you wearing shoes?”

IMG_0063Dewa and Emiko exchange high-fives with students as they exit the gymnasium.

IMG_0108The group demonstrates the gamelan to the junior high school students of Marshall, IL.

IMG_0112Gangsar watches Eka as she demonstrates “Condong.”

IMG_0156Community members at the Life Span Center in Matoon, IL gather around for a group photo.

IMG_0193The girls exit the stage during a performance of “Gabor” at Lake Land College.

IMG_0228Benot performs the ceng ceng cymbals.

IMG_0236Dewa Rai performs the kendang drum.

IMG_0221IMG_0232Kadek Ayu demonstrates the bebanjihan dance form while Dewa demonstrates a strong male character.

IMG_0296From left to right: Agung, Surya, Gangsar, and Ratna.

IMG_0261Dewa performs “Topeng Keras.”

IMG_0345The student crew at Lake Land College.

IMG_0467The girls prepare the flower petal offerings used during “Gabor.”

IMG_0486Casey-Westfield Jr. High School has a new class clown.

IMG_0516The group leads yet another successful kecak workshop.

IMG_0459IMG_0452We were pleasantly surprised when a group of international college students from Robinson, IL asked to join us for lunch at Monical’s Pizza. Everyone had a blast teaching each other funny phrases in Balinese, French, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. The pizza was the icing on the cake!

IMG_0400Eka, Surya, Dek Ayu, and Eric hang outside the hotel as the group prepares dinner. The warm weather was a welcome treat.

IMG_0528Master sous-chef Surya!

IMG_0532Cooking pesan, a miniature turkey meatloaf spiced with garlic, shallots, ginger, and onion.

IMG_9634No week is complete without a communal meal. Special thanks to Director of Patron Services Dan Crews, Director Dwight Vaught, and the rest of the staff and crew of the Doudna Fine Arts Center for a great week.

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