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Dance Lec-Dem in Wisconsin

Çudamani is grateful to Arts Midwest for bringing a small ensemble to the Midwestern states of America. Over two tours in 2012 and 2013 our group performed Balinese music and dance for thousands of school age children. We were pleased to introduce gamelan music and dance — indeed once we marched in the Homecoming Parade in Devils Lake. We were struck by the open hearts and minds of the children and enjoyed each and every performance. This program gives you two examples of female dance. Soon you can see other music programs. While Dewa Berata is not used to performing with such a small group, in the end, the strength of each player and dancer was able to convey the outstanding musicianship and artistry that is Gamelan Çudamani. The impact of these lecture-demonstrations was due in large part by the role Emiko Susilo played as moderator. We wish to thank Arts Midwest, Ken Carlson, David Fraher, The Grand Theater (Wausau, Wi) and the Wausau Foundation for the Performing Arts for working so hard on our behalf.

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