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Bali Events

October 2022  25th Anniversary Celebration  Stay tuned for news of our 25th anniversary activities.  Planned for the village of Pengosekan, this three day celebration will include one evening in honor of our beloved teacher I Nyoman Cerita.  Students will receive awards, new students will be welcomed and senior musicians will play with Cudamani Alumnae.  More information to follow.

July 21-August 6, 2022  Cudamani Summer Institute  open to students of all ages and abilities,  the program provides cultural immersion under the guidance of master teachers and experiences administrators.  See Summer Program page for more details. 

July 23 & 24, 2022  6 pm-9:30 pm  Cudamani Festival at Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud, Bali. 

Cudamani announce their first public concert since covid. Once each lunar year offerings are made to honor gamelan instruments.  We mark this auspicious day, Tumpuk Kluwut, with ceremony and performances at the magnificent Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud, Bali.  A full spectrum of works will be performed by our youngest and our most senior members.  A wide range of new and classic repertoire represents the unique artistry of Sanggar Cudamani.  Enjoy an evening under the stars as you sit on the grass alongside our Balinese families and try  Balinese food and snacks.  Doors open at 5:30 with ceremonial dances beginning at 6 PM.  At 6:30 a brief pre-performance lec-dem in English and Indonesia will explain the intricacies of gamelan.  Our two hour concert begins at 7pm.  250 performers of all ages join in this celebration of gamelan and dance.  This is a rare opportunity to see our senior company in their first performance since their 2021 USA tour.

April 24, 2022  2-7PM  CUDAMANI FAMILY DAY presented by Museum Puri Lukisan and Sanggar Cudamani.   This five hour program  combines the treasured exhibitions of the museum and two hundred musicians and dancers from Sanggar Cudamani.  Seldom can you see such  a wide range of works with performances ranging from our newest students to our professional company.  This afternoon was designed with Balinese families in mind, but of course international guests are welcome (all donations go directly to the school).   After two years of COVID isolation we are pleased to present our first collaboration with Bali’s most distinguished museum. Under the stewardship of the Royal family of UBUD, Museum Puri Lukisan is a testiment to their support of traditional Balinese art and culture.   For more information:

February 2, 2022    Cudamani Ngayah (temple performances) of gamelan and dance by all Cudamani students at Pura Taman 

November 18, 2021– Our school will reopen after COVID with a gathering to prayer Nguasen. With an enrollment of 225 young people and eighteen faculty we are filled with graditude for all who are working hard to support our Balinese community. 


Çudamani encourages children to develop their love of the arts from a very early age. Dewa Gde Sanjaya (6 years old) and Dewa Gde Wijaya (4 years old) perform as an ‘offering’ for the cremation ceremony of the King of Ubud.

Sanjaya and Wijaya have been tutored by Dewa Putu Berata and other senior members, but the dance does not have set choreography. Instead, the dancers must understand the music and even more importantly understand the signals from the drummer. The kids are smart, talented, and determined.

Placed within the walls of the Ubud Palace, listen and watch as Çudamani lovingly nurtures and celebrates the courage of these young children. This video explains why the arts flourish in Bali.

Recorded in 2008.

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