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"Do Something With Your Whole Heart"

Çudamani means “focus.” It means “do something with your whole heart without expecting something in return.” When we were given the name Çudamani by our mentor, Pak Ketut Kodi, we were told that Çudamani is the third eye of Shiva. It is the dissolver of ignorance and distraction.

The name, which also means the jewel on the head of a priest, is much loved by our artists and students. It reminds us of our responsibility, our strength, of the generosity that has nurtured us as artists and people, and which we must, in turn, expect from ourselves.

Çudamani strives to perform and teach at the highest levels of artistry, worthy of a growing international reputation and yet remains equally committed to the children, youth, elders and master artists that are the heart of our community in Bali. As a non-profit program we depend on individual tax deductible contributions. Thank you.

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