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Çudamani Summer Institute (CSI)

July 1 - 15, 2022

While Indonesia has taken enormous precautions regarding COVID, still we are uncertain where Bali and the world will be this 2022 summer. Therefore, the Cudamani Summer Institute will not open enrollment until we are certain that 1) tourist visas can be easily obtained, 2) there is no quarantine requirements, 3) flights into Bali are resumed, and 4) Covid status in Bali is at level 2 or below. The encouraging news is that as of January 2022 temple ceremonies have resumed, students are back to in person learning and our own Cudamani school is up and running again. We will keep you posted on our web site. Thank you, stay safe, and hope to see you in July 2022

WHO ARE WE?  Providing instruction to the children and youth of Pengosekan has been a primary goal of Sanggar Cudamani.   Rooted in the conviction that gamelan and dance are a powerful means of developing spiritual discipline,  Dewa Putu Berata and a team of sixteen teachers understand the critical social role the arts can play for youth in a rapidly modernizing world. As we celebrate 25 years of teaching in 2022 we find that many of our senior members began studying in Cudamani as young children.  For the past sixteen years Çudamani Summer Institute has extended their educational reach by bringing hundreds of international students to their village Sanggar.

Over the years Dewa Putu Berata and Emiko Susilo have refined their approach to teaching a diverse student body.  Key to the success of the program is the team of Cudamani master teachers and teaching assistants.  Their pedagogy is unique in Bali and supports the beginning student as well as those who have studied Balinese Gamelan and Dance for many years.  This diverse faculty keep the artistic level of every class at a very high level, provide individual instruction, encouragement, and models of excellence. Past CSI participants have included: University music and dance professors as well as students; professional artists eager to extend their creative and performative reach; educators who want to expand their classroom teaching, and young people who have fallen under the spell of Balinese performing arts.

For more than twenty-four years Çudamani has enhanced village life in Pengosekan by teaching hundreds of Balinese children, youth, and adults.   CSI is your opportunity to be a part of the Çudamani and Pengosekan community.  Villagers young and old look forward to seeing CSI students-in-residence because of their earnest desire to study Balinese arts and culture.  As you can imagine the tourist industry can be overwhelming.

2022 ACTIVITIES-two years after COVID.

After cancelling our 2020 and 2021 program, an 18 month travel ban to Bali, we are optimistic that the summer of 2022 will find people back to a new normal and eager to get together over gamelan and dance.  With safety precautions such as vaccines and normal travel conditions, Cudamani is prepared to welcome student back to Bali for their 2022 program.

2022 ACTIVITIES-  the 2021 program will launch with a two day Cudamani Festival showcasing students of all ages and the senior/professional company.   Students will attend and participation in two temple ceremonies in our home village of Pengosekan.  Dewa and Emiko provide orientation to the Bali-Hindu ceremonial process and will prepare students to perform (alongside Cudamani musicians and dancers) as a personal offering for the ceremony.  On July 3rd Cudamani members prepare their own offerings  and attend  the Kajeng Kilwon ceremony in the Pura Dalem.   The program comes to a close as you share what you have learned by  performing on the July 13th ceremony at  the Pura Penataran . Your participation is a respectful and appropriate contribution to the ceremony and appreciated by the local community. The final close of the program on July 14th brings all our efforts to a close with showing and closing circle at the Cudamani Pondok.   As the villagers of Pengosekan see your earnest interest and effort to learn about their traditions, participants fell welcome and not like tourist.  Other activities include  a full-day guided tour to places of importance in the area.

We mourn the loss of our great master and founding teacher Pak Nyoman Cerita

The core of the teaching program includes daily gamelan and dance study.  A hallmark of the Cudamani Summer Institute are the many assistant teachers who are able to offer each student personal support; as a result, even players/dancers new to Balinese performance are able to accomplish an enormous amount in the limited time of the program.  Our senior teachers carefully guide students to the level of complexity that allows each person  to get the individual attention they need to develop artistically.

Over the years we have taken special pleasure when colleges and Universities bring small groups of students already versed in Balinese performing arts to join the CSI. Special group rates can be arranged for groups of four or more.  The nature of the program easily incorporates musicians and dancers of all levels, including advanced students who wish to refine their skills at the more complicated instruments such as the drum and reyong or dancers wishing to learn more advanced repertoire.

The program is further enhanced by lecture demonstrations by members of Cudamani; invited lectures by guest speakers; and  field trips to cultural sites in our area.  The program concludes with a final performance with CSI students sharing a program with members of Cudamani. After fourteen years of experience Dewa and Emiko have created a balanced, dynamic and inspiring educational experience that has students returning year after year.

It is worth repeating that students are surrounded by a community of artists- ranging from master teachers of international renown, to the senior members, to the young teenage members of Cudamani.    Cudamani Summer Institute is a non-commercial  program as such students feel they are invited into the Cudamani family of artists as well as their village of Pengosekan. International and Indonesian students realize immediately that they are studying in Dewa and Emiko’s own home.  With children running around, women making offerings within sight, or the home cooked meals at lunch, you understand what life is like in a Balinese family. This intimate context provides rewarding cultural and personal insights that go beyond the technique of music and dance.

Adding to the reward of study is the proximity of the home village of Pengosekan to the vibrant tourist center of Ubud.  Artini Resort, who we have worked with for over some 15 years,  is in walking distance to Sanggar Cudamani.  You are in  the midst of a wide range options for shopping, evening meals, and tourist performances.  You will soon realize that Cudamani is near this tourist center but is not of the tourist scene.  However, for those looking forward to the relaxation, shopping, even massages, you will find all available to enjoy after class hours.  Please note that in recent years we have included an option for those who wish to find their own accommodations.  Plentiful and wide ranging in price, this is a great option for those on a budget.

GAMELAN PROGRAM– Daily sessions in Cudamani’s open air studio teach you the techniques of Balinese gamelan, expand your repertoire and improve your musicality. Under the Direction of Dewa Putu Berata, senior Cudamani players assist in each session.  This ensures individual attention as well as the robust sound Cudamani is famous for.  The range of pieces studied advances the musicianship and musical understanding of Balinese music.  Students study  on the gorgeous Semarandana instruments. Core to the concept of the program is  working along side master musicians and dancers to develop the Balinese sense ensemble and musicality. In addition, small-group sessions allow advanced musicians to refine skills, try new instruments, and learn repertoire, while beginning musicians have time to learn the fundamentals of gamelan in an environment that is challenging yet supportive and incredibly fun.

DANCE PROGRAM- If you have always wanted to try Balinese dance, but have told yourself, “I’m not a dancer” then send us an email. We have a great program for beginners, and we welcome you.  On the other hand, if you have some experience with Balinese dance, but need to deepen your understanding and repertoire, then this is an incredible learning environment for you as well. You will be working with the masters of the tradition, honing your dance skills, and expanding your repertoire.  The curriculum includes both male and female technique.  In addition to dancing alongside  great teachers you will also be inspired by the company of Cudamani’s talented young performers. No matter where you are in your study of Balinese dance, the program will challenge and inspire you!

SELECTION CRITERIA – We invite individuals who wish to study and live in another culture. Participants must be 18 years or older.  With special permission we  can also include children 12 and above  who wish to learn alongside their parent.  Beginners as well as experienced gamelan musicians and dancers are encouraged to apply.  We have had great success with faculty who wish to deepen their understanding of Bali, bring back material for their research and teaching. In addition undergraduate and graduate students have found the program an ideal way to travel to Bali and have a concentrated first hand experience of the performing arts of Bali.  We can provide letters of acceptance for visa and/or grant applications.

Important Dates

  • SCHEDULE- (subject to change)
  • July 1             Check in Artini Resort.
  • July  1 & 2     Cudamani Festival evening.
  • July 1              Day-  Opening prayers and offering at Emiko/Dewa’s residence (pondok).               Program orientation.  Walk through Pengosekan.
  • July 2              Day-  Bus tour of area- rice fields and sacred sites.
  • July 3               Full days of instruction begins. Making of offerings and visit Pura Dalem Temple
  • July 7                Day Off (arrange trips on own)
  • July 13              Full Moon and Performance at Pura Penataran with members of Cudamani.
  • July 14              Final Circle,  last rehearsals, full group sharing Pau Hana with members of        Cudamani and farewell party with Cudamani teachers  and friends at the PONDOK
  • July 15              Check Out

Application $25 fee Due:                                       May 10, 2022

Early tuition guaranteed room at Artini:          June 1, 2022

Tuition Fee Deadline:                                              June 10, 2022

COVID Vaccine documentation/test                  Any time before departure

We will accept applications after these deadlines if space allows

Tuition Fees

Tuition and Housing Options

Tuition with housing at Artini Resort:
Double occupancy: $2000 USD
Private room: $2,400  USD
Youth sharing private room with paying adult (11-17 yrs ) $1,100 USD

  • Private or shared accommodations 14 nights at the Artini Resort hotel
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Lunches during class days included
  • Airport pick up   can be arranged (cost approximately $25 each way

INSTRUCTION ONLY (Tuition without housing):  $1600 USD.   Youth (11-17 yrs with paying family member) $1,100. USD    This ‘instruction only’ program is great for locals,  participants secure their own accommodations and other personal details.  Simply show up for class.

  • payment with ZELLE or PayPal (please add 3% service fee)  to Foundation for World Arts

Please know that 100% of all fees go directly to Cudamani members/teachers/staff. Tuition earned covers teachers salaries for one year. Thank you for your support.

  • Home made Balinese lunches shared with faculty and TA each day of class- yum
  • WE do not want to exclude family members who may be traveling with you, therefore, lunches, field trips, tour of temples, rice fields, parties, and guest lectures can  arranged.  We request you cover costs to the program.  Please ask for details.
  • You will need to  purchase ‘pakaian adat’ formal temple dress when you arrive.  Men should bring a white button shirt (long or short sleeve) and women bring camisole to wear under kebaya. Shopping in Bali is amazing!
  • Pau Hana and Farewell dinner is always extra special and the last social time to be together.
  • Full orientation letter will be sent three weeks prior to the start date.
  • For Emiko’s own orientation please purchase on line: Good to Know About Bali


SPECIAL COVID REQUIREMENTS AND TRAVEL TO INDONESIA. CSI requires all students have valid and up to date vaccinations.  Certification will be requested.

Participants are responsible for checking on latest COVID requirements when  making own travel and visa arrangements to Indonesia.  Please also consider travel health insurance. A free 30 day  tourist visa is available upon arrival for many countries.  If you plan to stay longer- you can apply for a 60 day visa.  please see web site:  Remember your Passport must be valid for six months after your departure date from Indonesia.


“The performance in the temple was the most important for me. It was brilliant to have been able to perform in a meaningful celebration and to apply whatever had been taught for that purpose.”

Elaine Pedly
Dancer/Choreographer, Class of 2007

“I know that many Americans come to Bali to take lessons individually, but getting to do this through a group situation, in which we were able to form something of an ensemble by the end, and in which I was able to form a connection with a group of people who feel just as seriously passionate about the music and culture as I do, seems to be really special. I got to spend a lot of time with a lot of fabulous musicians, listening to and playing and practicing gamelan several hours a day. I felt inspired every day, and I feel like I’m definitely hearing gamelan music differently now than before the program.

I now have a much better understanding of the relationship between the music and dance, and a greater sense about what it means to have a community ensemble of musicians who actually work together, play together, collaborate, and live that spirit through their music-making.”

Lynda Paul
Musician, Class of 2007

“The strength of the Institute is the opportunity to be completely immersed in Balinese culture through learning music and dance, yet with enough Western teaching methods to facilitate our learning.”

Donna Eshelman
Dancer/Choreographer, Class of 2008

“I came away with a deep respect for the integration of the arts into daily and ceremonial life in Bali, and sadness at their estrangement in western culture. The access to master teachers — I was honored and humbled over and over again by the talent, skill and artistry of our teachers, all of which they so lovingly shared with us.”

Rosemary Candelario
Dancer/Choreographer, Class of 2008

“Çudamani Summer Institute has opened my eyes to Balinese culture in ways I could not have experienced in any other program. The musicians, dancers, and staff are welcoming and kind and teach respect and compassion — cultural aspects I will carry with me back to my home and school in the United States. Learning the music and developing new friendships goes hand-in-hand in gamelan music. CSI has further enhanced my appreciation for this island’s rich art and culture. I’ll carry this experience with me always and appreciate it for the rest of my life.”

Claire Fassnacht
Musician, Class of 2012

“It was a phenomenal experience with a mix of students ranging from ethnomusicologists and semi-professional players to graduate and undergraduate students with some experience in gamelan or at least percussion performance… All in all it was superbly arranged and delivered, and many of the students were returnees or, like me, hope to return… read more “

Greg Youtz
Musician, Class of 2012

“I’ve attended many dance festivals and intensives in San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, and elsewhere. The Cudamani Summer Institute stands out as an glorious immersive practice within the extraordinary arts and culture of Bali, a land where the arts are as earnestly sophisticated as they are genuinely sacred. Being invited warmly into the the Cudamani community, practicing in studios in family homes, sharing meals, attending temple ceremonies, and participating in both public and private performances provided for an inspiring artistic exchange connecting along our universal human dimensions amongst cultures from various corners of the planet.”

Paul Laurey
Artist and Filmmaker, Class 2015
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