Çudamani 20th Anniversary Year Celebration

Çudamani is proud to announce summer programming 2017.  As Cudamani approaches their 20th Anniversary they continue their commitment to providing in depth cultural and educational encounters in Bali.  For the first time they offer two complementary programs.  Participants can enroll in both or just one.

July 5-12, 2017  Çudamani ACE (Arts, Culture, Environment)

Be part of our first educational tour for those attending the Çudamani Summer Institute and want an orientation to Bali before you begin your music and dance training or for those wishing to visit Bali but do not have the luxury of time. Learn more….

July 15-30, 2017  Çudamani Summer Institute (CSI)   Ten Year Anniversary Program! 

This fifteen-day course of study, provides five hours of educational activity five days a week. Please see draft schedule of 2017 program.  With ten years of experience Dewa and Emiko have created a balanced, dynamic and inspiring educational experience that has students returning year after year. Learn more…..

August 3, 4, 5, 2017    Çudamani Festival and our Pondok

Çudamani is one of Bali’s most respected performing arts schools and companies, and is committed to both the reconstruction of classic repertoire as well as supporting innovative work by young artists.  Learn More…..