Çudamani Summer Institute – Study Music and Dance in Bali!


Cudamani Class of 2016

Thank you to all who attended the 2016 Summer Institute- We made our goal of funding teachers salaries for the coming year!  Stay tuned for 2017 dates and details.

June 28th – July 18th, 2016

We have made exciting adjustments to our format to provide the highest quality of instruction for beginning, intermediate and advanced students!

GAMELAN PROGRAM– Daily sessions in Cudamani’s open air studio teach you the techniques of Balinese gamelan, expand your repertoire and improve your musicality. Under the Direction of Dewa Putu Berata, ten senior Cudamani players join studio sessions, ensuring individual attention as well as the robust sound Cudamani is famous for. The opportunity to play a wide range of pieces under astute leadership of Dewa Putu Berata will advance the musicianship and musical understanding of gamelan players from around the world.  The gamelan program works primarily on the gorgeous Semarandana ensemble, however, includes there are opportunities to play Gamelan Angklung and if requested, Gender Wayang. Musicians have time to work together as an ensemble to develop the Balinese sense of musicality. In addition, small-group sessions allow advanced musicians to refine skills, try new instruments, and learn repertoire, while beginning musicians have time to learn the fundamentals of gamelan in an environment that is challenging yet supportive and incredibly fun.

DANCE PROGRAM- If you have always wanted to try Balinese dance, but have told yourself, “I’m not a dancer” then send us an email. We have a great program for beginners, and welcome you. You can do it! If you have some experience with Balinese dance, but need to deepen your understanding and repertoire, then this is an incredible learning environment for you. Advanced students and teacher, you will be working with the masters of the tradition, honing your dance skills, expanding your repertoire. Delve deeply into the  powerful practice of Balinese dance. Under the supervision of Emiko Saraswati Susilo, participants work with some of Bali’s most renown teachers- Ibu Ni Ketut Arini and Bapak I Nyoman Cerita. Dancers learn both male as well as female technique. Dancers of all levels will learn a lot from dancing alongside some of Bali’s most talented young performers. No matter where you are in your study of Balinese dance, the program will challenge and inspire you!

Both Programs

International and Indonesian students will benefit from the educational approach refined by Cudamani teachers over the years.  Separate sessions with Level I and Level II material allow students of all levels to get the individual attention you need to develop artistically. Class placement will be decided by teachers once you are in Bali. Don’t worry! We’ll find the right level for you.

Adding to the impact of this course of study is the chance to live and work in their home village of  Pengosekan, Ubud.  For eighteen years, Çudamani has enhanced village life in Pengosekan by teaching hundreds of Balinese children, youth, and adults.   CSI is the one time you have an opportunity to be incorporated into Çudamani’s teaching program and locals young and old always enjoy having these students in their village. The program features guest lectures and demonstrations by internationally renowned scholars and artists.

View the Cudamani Summer Institute in action!


CSI Leadership:IMG_0232


IMG_9721I Dewa Putu Berata and Emiko Susilo

Selection Criteria

We invite individuals who wish to work intensively with other artists from around the world with a proven interest in living in another culture. Applicants must be 18 years or older. Beginners as well as experienced gamelan musicians and dancers are encouraged to apply.

Tuition Fees & Important Dates

June 28  Check in Artini III (Tuesday)
June 29  Program begins (Wednesday)
July 17  Program ends (Sunday)
July 18  Check out Artini III (Monday)


Deadline to Apply: June 1, 2016

Includes instruction, shared housing, daily breakfast, lunch (weekdays) and mid program excursions.
$2000.  All proceeds benefit Çudamani’s children/youth and master artist programs.

Group discounts available.

A $25 non-refundable fee is required with each application. When accepted, the 1st tuition installment of tuition (50%) is due on May 1, 2016. The 2nd installment (remaining balance) is due on June 1, 2016. If you have any questions, please email jmitoma@arts.ucla.edu.  Cancellation after the April 15th date will forfeit 50% of deposit.

Help us by sending funds directly by check payable to: Foundation for World Arts
Mail to: 12200 Lawler Street, Los Angeles, Ca 90066.  Credit cards are also accepted.

CSI Tuition & Fees

Artini 3 Cottages in Ubud.

Artini 3 Cottages in Ubud. Photo by Jorge Vismara.

Work Sample requested from applicants who have not worked with Cudamani in the past.

URL of music and/or dance samples. 5-10 minutes in length.For musicians: work sample may include footage/recording of a performance by your gamelan ensemble.
For dancers: work sample may include footage of your performance in any dance form.


Participants will reside in centrally located hotels in Ubud. Accommodations are double occupancy. A single room supplement may be requested with an additional fee.  Arrangements will be made by the Summer Institute.


Daily breakfast and lunch is provided by the program. Also included are the Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner.


Participants are responsible for making own travel and visa arrangements as well as travel health insurance.

Group excursions include visits to the sacred sites, witness ceremonies and attend performances.

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