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Children Perform Barong in Ubud

Çudamani encourages children to develop their love of the arts from a very early age. Dewa Gde Sanjaya (6 years old) and Dewa Gde Wijaya (4 years old) perform as an ‘offering’ for the cremation ceremony of the King of Ubud.

Sanjaya and Wijaya have been tutored by Dewa Putu Berata and other senior members, but the dance does not have set choreography. Instead, the dancers must understand the music and even more importantly understand the signals from the drummer. The kids are smart, talented, and determined.

Placed within the walls of the Ubud Palace, listen and watch as Çudamani lovingly nurtures and celebrates the courage of these young children. This video explains why the arts flourish in Bali.

Recorded in 2008.

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