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Pengosekan Village

Home of Çudamani

Pengosekan Village is located directly south of Ubud and is by most standards a relatively small village. Pengosekan also adjoins the famous gamelan village of Peliatan, however, unlike Ubud or Peliatan, Pentosekan does not have royal families in residence, no palaces or kings, indeed there are no Brahmans living in this village.  This may explain why the encroachment of tourism is only recently being felt and the majority of villagers continue to live within the traditional value systems. As Gamelan gained prominence in Ubud and Peliatan during the 1950s, the village farmers of Pengosekan were determined to have their own gamelan.  Over many years they  pooled their money and purchased one instrument at a time.   Dewa Putu Berata’s father was one of the founding members of Pengosekan’s first gong kebyar gamelan group. Today Pengosekan is known throughout Bali for its prominence in Gamelan.

Known for their unique painting style of the 1960-70’s many men in Pengosekan turned to painting as a way of joining a new cash arts economy.  Today you can see painter studios along  the main street in Pengosekan, and you will find that today many young people in this village have exceptional talent in drawing and painting.  Indeed, many members of Çudamani  are also accomplished painters.

Çudamani  has a powerful presence in Pengosekan, and the group’s contribution to village temple ceremonies is appreciated by all the members of this village.    Free music and dance instruction is available to any child of the village. Children who have dedication, interest, and talent eventually join the adult group.  Musicians and dancers from outside this village who want to train and perform at an advanced level are welcome to join Çudamani .

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