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3 generations, 3 nites, 3 programs

August 3               7:30 pm  Çudamani Children & Youth

August 4               7:30 pm  Çudamani Founding Members

August 5               7:30 pm  Çudamani Performing Company

Çudamani is one of Bali’s most respected performing arts schools and companies and is committed to both the reconstruction of classic repertoire as well as supporting innovative work by young artists. You are invited to see Çudamani at the private residence of the artistic directors Dewa Putu Berata and Emiko Susilo.  As you walk up the path to their home you will step outside the buzz of Ubud tourist industry and into the loving embrace of this community of artist. The Çudamani Festival 2016 will feature three distinct evenings of performances:

August 3 – Children and Youth – will feature two of our girls/young women’s gamelan and our boys/young men’s  gamelan ensembles. The groups are high spirited, technically accomplished and highlight Çudamani tireless dedication to teaching children and youth for free. Çudamani’s work with girls and young women in music has resulted in a profound change in perceptions about women in music. Come see and support your next generation of talent.

August 4 – Founding Members – Çudamani’s incredible reputation was built by these amazing artists. Highlighting some of Bali’s classic and classy repertoire, this ensemble is mature, powerful and have a depth of artistry that is unforgettable. These artists laid the foundation for Çudamani and many have gone on to become some of Bali’s most active performers/teachers/leaders whose names are known all over the island.

August 5 – Çudamani’s Performing Company – This is a RARE opportunity to see the group in a public performance and to get a glimpse of why Çudamani is so unique. The group does not do regular tourist shows- so this is IT for 2016.  A carefully curated program will include a range of pieces from contemporary to classic. Çudamani’s re-constructed of the masterpiece Pudak Sinunggal is historic as it was brought back  from the brink of being lost. Çudamani presents the classic Gambuh dance  along side a program of their signature virtuosic instrumental and dance works  It’s an incredible program for even the most seasoned gamelan aficionados and for those new to Balinese arts, it’s hard to think of a better way to see these amazing arts.

If you are unable to come and want to make your annual contribution to Cudamani we thank you-

Your support helps kids

About Çudamani:

Education and service to the Balinese community are at the core of all Çudamani activity.  Over a nineteen year history  the group has taught gamelan and dance to hundreds of local children and offered their service to countless temple ceremonies all over Indonesia. Çudamani, well established within the Balinese arts scene, is known for training and attracting young talent into their ranks. Well aware of the fault lines between local culture and tourism, Çudamani works outside the tourist industry and commercial culture, and seeks to reinforce the traditional role performance plays in the daily lives of the Balinese.

Under the direction of Dewa Putu Berata and Emiko Susilo, Çudamani sets high artistic and cultural standards for their sanggar.  Both senior and youth groups are invited to perform regularly at the annual Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar, and the sanggar takes particular pride in supporting the training of girls and young women.  The 2015 performance of the girls/young women gamelan and dance set new artistic standards for female performance, inspiring other villages to invest in the training of girls.

Support Cudamani and be a witness to the high artistic values that have made Çudamani internationally recognized.  All proceeds for these concerts go to support operation of Sanggar Çudamani.


Pondok Cudamani
Jl. Raya Nyuh Kuning
MAS, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali
Indonesia  (for map see this link)
200,000 rupiah
TEXT Emiko Susilo