Çudamani Festival 2017 August 3, 4 and 5th

August 3  7:30 pm  Çudamani Children & Youth

August 4  7:30 pm  Çudamani Founding Members

August 5 7:30 pm  Çudamani Performing Company

Çudamani is one of Bali’s most respected performing arts schools and companies, and is committed to both the reconstruction of classic repertoire as well as supporting innovative work by young artists.

The Çudamani Festival 2017 is the company’s second festival and will feature three distinct evenings of performances:

Aug 3 – Children and Youth – will feature two of our girls/young women’s gamelan and our boys/young men’s gamelan ensembles. The groups are high spirited, technically accomplished and highlight Çudamani tireless dedication to children and youth. Çudamani’s work with girls and young women in music has resulted in a profound change in perceptions about women in music. Come see history in the making.


August 4 – Founding Members

05mar26-292gongs2Çudamani’s incredible reputation was built by these amazing artists. Highlighting some of Bali’s classic and classy repertoire, this ensemble is gorgeous, powerful and have a depth of artistry that is unforgettable. These artists laid the foundation for Çudamani and many have gone on to become some of Bali’s most active performers/teachers/leaders whose names are known all over the island.

August 5 – Çudamani’s Performing Company –

cudamani_05mar26-235This is a RARE opportunity to see the group in a public performance and to get a glimpse of why Çudamani is so unique. The group does not do regular tourist shows (so this is IT for 2016), and this incredible program that will have a range of pieces from contemporary, to classic Gambuh dance, from enthralling instrumental and ethereally beautiful dance works to the recently re-constructed masterpiece, Pudak Sinunggal, that is just this year emerging from the brink of being lost. It’s an incredible program for even the most seasoned gamelan aficionados and for those new to Balinese arts, it’s hard to think of a better way to see these amazing arts.

Tickets sold at door in Rupiah-  This is an outdoor event, please dress accordingly.  Refreshments for sale.

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2nd Annual Cudamani Festival