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Gamelan Cudamani

2021 East Coast Tour in the planning!

“These performers were stunning, and their music and dance enthralling. I thoroughly enjoyed this performance, and… I look forward to the return of Gamelan Çudamani so that I can experience a bit more of that country’s rich culture.” – Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle 2018 

“I owe Carlos Tortolero and David Chavez at DCASE a debt of gratitude for booking this group at the 2019 World Music Festival. Gamelan Çudamani‘s concert at the Harris Theater was one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. If you have another chance to see a Balinese gamelan of that caliber, do whatever it takes to get there. Gamelan Çudamani, a thrilling, hypnotizing metallophone orchestra from the Indonesian island of Bali. The chance to see a Balinese gamelan in Chicago is a rare privilege…” – Philip Montoro, Chicago READER 2019 

“The group performs a diverse repertoire with astonishing technical precision, high collective spirit and an impressive understanding of artistic nuance. Maintaining an active performance schedule requires a highly dedicated group of individuals — particularly since participation is voluntary. Since its creation, Çudamani [has been in] great demand throughout Bali. The group’s technical accomplishments are unparalleled and their dedication to Balinese traditional values are their hallmark.” – Pomona College 2018

“The vibrancy of the gamelan orchestra, with its synchronized gongs and bells, poignant flute and vocal melodies, transcended in sheer brilliance the specific implications of harmonic modes and other technical procedures. The intricacies of hand and foot gestures in dance accomplished the same transcending act, whatever their specific meanings may be.” – Mark Swed, LA Times 2018

“The ensemble touches the soul with a program that spans the spectrum of human emotion, from sublime to fearless, from reverent to unapologetically playful. Çudamani intrigues the mind and heart and a radiant flash of their eyes invites you into the transcendent experience of Balinese gamelan and dance.” –Boston University 2019 

“Cudamani quietly rebels against the formats that traditionally shape folkloric performances …there is no doubt that the performance brought us closer to the essence of a culture than most touring or touristic performances ever can, making us question and perhaps reject the ways that non-Western or pre-Western traditions are commonly presented on our stages.” — Los Angeles Times

“The best music and dance performance we have seen in more than 30 years of coming to Bali. Dazzling and definitely unique.”

“A rich immersive experience – memories for a lifetime.”

“The best I’ve ever seen. Fast and sharp while dynamic and beautiful, unrivaled in my experience.”

Internationally hailed as one of Bali’s most forward thinking music and dance ensemble, Çudamani is known for their exceptional creativity and superb artistry while always holding dear the classical treasures that have made Bali so renowned. Nurtured and trained in the village of Pengosekan, group members are considered among Bali’s most respected and accomplished musicians and dancers. While in great demand, nevertheless, Çudamani does not perform for tourists in Bali. They perform as a spiritual offering for temples and the village communities.

Under the musical direction of Dewa Putu Berata and dance direction of Bapak Nyoman Cerita and ​Emiko Saraswati Susilo comes the 22nd Anniversary tour for Çudamani. Their 24 member ensemble weaves layers of intricate sound from the deep great bronze gongs to the delicate sounds of the suling. They have prepared works that range from breathtakingly virtuosic to profoundly moving, including works that are both new and classic. Gamelan Çudamani is evidence of the power of collective village integrity and the intrinsic spirituality of all their efforts.

2019 Tour Schedule

SEPT 19-21         Moraine Valley Comm. College, Palos Hills, IL
SEPT 22-24         Lawrence University, Appleton, WI
SEPT 26               Lotus Festival, Bloomington IN
SEPT 27               World Music Festival- Harris Theater, Chicago, IL
SEPT 28/OCT 1  Honeywell Center, Wabash, IN
OCT 1                   Oberlin College, Oberlin OH
OCT 2                   Cayuhoga Community College, Cleveland OH
OCT 4                   BU Global Music Festival, Boston University, MA
OCT 6                  Symphony Space, World Music Inst. NYC, NY

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